Founder & Speaker Lorelei Fenton holds a Master's Degree in Education and nearly 20 years in cutting edge leadership and personal development training programs.  Her studies have included all manner of mind-shifting, life-altering teachings including The Law of Attraction, Eckhart Tolle, Landmark Education, Vipassana studies and much more. 

Lorelei’s claim to fame is that she has developed a process to uproot people’s core emotional triggers and false beliefs, and it is done in record time.  Lorelei's processes began to evolve when she learned & used a myriad of tools to uproot her own emotional Triggers and False Beliefs, which were the result of various childhood traumas. She then created her streamlined process and tools to assist others.  

Lorelei has presented for a wide array of audiences, and coached a myriad of people, altering perspectives and removing hidden blocks to cause brand new openings and leaps forward in life. Recently Lorelei's studies have expanded to include spirituality, energy, frequency & vibration. These blend with Lorelei's personal growth techniques that alter perspectives and  uproot false beliefs to create a "Cornucopia" of life-shifting power. 

Lorelei Says...

"Raising our frequency and vibration and living each moment in the present is the key to having a life we love, and loving the life we have. Nearly all spiritual and energy work techniques, plus most personal growth modalities have raising our vibration and living in the now as the deepest common goal.  It is my great joy to skyrocket you or your group to a higher vibration and present moment living, using all the tools I have at  my command."


Pillar of Light Meditation


Enjoy this powerful meditaiton as my gift to you.  Science is now showing us that the energy centers of the body, or the chakras, are cricitally important to how good we feel in life. The health of ou chakras drives the health & well-being of the entire body. I suggest this meditation at least once a week. It is a variation of an online meditation by Dianna Cooper, which you can also try by following the link on the "It Takes a Village" page.

Pillar of light

It Takes a Village...


Transforming the world is a group process.  Many wonderful spirits assist us in our personal journeys. Each journey to the highest form of Self is unique. Getting there truly takes a village. 

Here are some helping hands and services I  have used in my "Village" and that I also suggest for you.

It Takes a Village