Education & Training

Landmark Education, A Global Educational Enterprise, Courses completed in New Jersey, New York, California, Pennsylvania, & Illinois 2001-2015

Landmark is a member of: American Society for Training and Development, International Society for Performance Improvement, American Management Association, and Academy of Management

  • The Landmark Forum (Creating Breakthrough Results in Life)
  • The Forum In Action Seminar- 3 Month Course (Mastery of Above)
  • The Advanced Course (Overcoming Personal Obstacle to Success)
  • The Self Expression and Leadership program-3 Month Course (Completion of a Personal Philanthropic Project)
  • Coaching of Self Expression and Leadership Program (2X Coach - Causing Others to Produce Above)
  • The Introduction Leaders Program- 6 Month Course (Speaking to Audiences and Individuals to Cause Breakthrough Results)
  • Communication: Access to Power (Creating Breakthrough Results Through Communication)
  • Communication: Power and Performance (Using Communication and Structure to Enhance Performance)
  • Communication: Power to Create (Creating Multiple Results Through Communication)
  • Team Management and Leadership Program- 1 Year Course (Leading Teams of People to Produce Breakthrough Results)
  • The Wisdom Course- 1 Year Course (Producing Results in Life Fulfillment and Personal Dreams)
  • The Partnership Course- 1 Year Course (Forming Partnerships to Expand Life Fulfillment)
  • The Breakdown Seminar- 3 Month Course (Transforming Obstacles into Breakthroughs)
  • The S & I  Seminar- 3 Month Course (Producing Breakthrough Results in Your Personal Relationships)
  • The Money Seminar- 3 Month Course (Creating Breakthrough Results in The Area of Finances)

The College of New Jersey, Ewing, NJ- Master’s, Education

The University of Massachusetts, Amherst Ma., Bachelor’s, Theater

CEO Space, Los Angeles, California, March 2008 & May 2017: A 7 day entrepreneurial, networking, marketing & business development forum.

The Millionaire Mind Intensive, Peak Potentials: A Nation-Wide Educational   Enterprises, 2006 

Institute for New Mathematics Teachers, Rutgers University, July 2003 New Brunswick, NJ

4-Mat System of Learning, About Learning, Inc., September 2003 Wauconda, Illinois

School of Alcohol & Drug Studies, Rutgers University, July 2009

Focus on Solutions, 9th Ann. State-wide Prevention Conference, New Jersey Prevention Network (NJPN), 2009 

Continuing Education

Addiction Recovery, Rutgers University, July 2009

From Abuse to Dependency: Understanding the Process, Rutgers University, July 2009

Presentation Skills, NJPN & Community Prevention Resources of Warren Co. (CPRWC), November 2009

Media Training, NJPN & CPRWC, December 2009

Implementation & Enforcement of Environmental Change, NJPN & CPRWC, January 2010

Coalition Building and Maintenance, NJPN & CPRWC, December 2009

Ethics and Legal Issues for Prevention Specialist, NJ Dep’t of Education & Prevention First, January 2010

Keep it Legal, NJPN & Brookdale Community College, May 2010

Prevention of Violence and Compulsive Behaviors, NJPN & Prevention First, July 2010 

Public Appearances, TV and Radio


Lambertville/Flemington Rotary, NJ September 2014, Contact Ms. Lauren Murphy 

Princeton Rotary, NJ October 2013, Mr. Ahmed Azmy 

Trenton Rotary, NJ Feb 2012, Contact Mr. Joe Milestone 

Hackensack Lions Club,NJ October 2013, Contact Ms. Marianne Balasz  Flemington NJAWBO, NJ 2012, Contact Ms. Nicole Voigt 

American Legion, Franklin Post, NJ September 2013, Contact Mr. Bill Storms 

Professional Services Group, NJ Department of Labor, March 2012

Jewish Family Support Services Job Seeker Support Group, Somerville, NJ Sept 2012, Contact Ms. Elise Prezant 

Hamilton Township Rotary, NJ October 2013, Mr. Len Nemeroff Somerset County Public Library, NJ July 2013, Contact Mr. Chris Murray


“What’s Your New Year’s Resolution?” From the Boardroom to the Bedroom; The Protocol Praxis, Voice America Internet Radio, December 30th, 2014

Talk of the Town, WRNJ, Hackettstown NJ, February 12, 2010

The Morning Program, WRNJ, Hackettstown, January & September 2010

Educationally Speaking, WRNJ, Hackettstown, 2010

Melanie, WNTI, Centenary College, Hackettstown, NJ August 25, 2010

Let’s Talk About It, WRNJ, Hackettstown, NJ September 20, 2010 


Substance Abuse and Domestic Violence, Presentation at Centenary College, NJ March 2010

Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drugs, Presentation, Centenary College, Hackettstown NJ, September 2009 


The Truth, Copyright 2015, Depicts the creation / re-creation of identity.

The Way, Copyright 2015, Depicts one hypothesis of the reincarnation process.

The Light, Copyright 2015, Depicts various hypotheses of the nature of reality.


Dispensed Online & to Email Subscribers 2014 & 2015

You and Your Six-Million Dollar Man, 

That Glorious, Bight-Eyed State of Shameless 

Amnesty For All the Hungry People,

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Confessions of A Closet Narcissist

Feasting at This Buffet Called Life

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How to Find Your Life’s Mission in a Pair of Earrings

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Powerfully Penny-less and Joyfully Broke

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Speaking the Unspeakable

Thanks for Nothing, Universe

The Whole Problem is You Never Check the Bulletin Board

Yay! Bring on the Criticism and Judgment

You and Your Poison Ivy

You are Living With the Boogey Man

Your 9-5 Job, The Pyramid Scheme to End all Pyramid Schemes

You and Your Outrageous Life

On Heaven, Hell, and the Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction and Blaming the Victim

Domestic Abuse, Healthcare, & Second Hand Addiction. (Published on Internet September 2009)

Childhood Set-Up For Addiction (Published on Internet May 2009)

Do I Love an Addict?  (Published on Internet February 2009)