Don Slepian: Transformational Music


Don's amazing musical/visual extravaganzas will literally transport you to another dimension-  bringing you peace, inspiration, deep relaxation, revitalization, and more... It is best to enjoy these musical journeys on your Home Theater System, with large screen visuals. Turn out the lights. Lay down on the couch and let yourself be transported!

Click Here to be Transported.

If this music moves you, please support Don's amazing heart-centered work. Like it! Share it! Purchase it! Book Don for your spiritual event!

We all need more of this!

Don's Youtube Channel

(Tons of music here)

It Takes a Village


Lorelei says...

"What's right for you is right for us. At Soar with Lorelei we want you to use the right process for you in your life right now. That may be us, or it may be someone else.

Let me know what you need-body, mind and spirit- and I will be happy to refer you if I know of an appropriate resource.

Use the "Contact Us" button on the footer to reach out to me.

Sending you blessings, love & light.


Solfeggio Frequencies


You can read about Solfeggio frequencies at this website for 

Power Thoughts Meditation Club.

The power of music to alter the very cells of our bodies, making us feel great or lousy, can't be overstressed. You can read about that on my blogpost 

"Music: Will You Calm or Awaken the Savage Beast?"

To best utilize this resource I suggest playing Solfeggios in the background of your life throughout your day. Pick the frequency from the list that best fits your needs or feelings at the time. Use these also when you less than great- emotionally, spiritually, or physically.

Exploring The Universe Out of the Box


If you are ready to explore outside of the box of what you always believed to be true, here are some great resources. What's really up in our world, the rest of the cosmos? What's really out there and here on this earth that we don't know about, and could hardly guess?


(Meet-up & Website )



Diana Cooper & Tim Whilde "Activate the 12 Chakras"


This was the meditation that first began my "Spiritual Awakening Quest"  a couple of years ago. It is kick-butt powerful and may have you ask, as I did after the first time I tried it...

"What the Heck just happened to me?"

Jared Rand's Daily Global Guided Meditation


This is a very powerful DAILY GLOBAL MEDITATION facilitated by Jared Rand. 80,000 + strong at last count, we are bringing love, peace, and light to the world daily on a mass scale. 

The call happens daily at 3pm EDT, 12pm Pacific. The call in information is (641) 715-0857. pin code 303471