This may be one of the most important exercises you can do regularly for yourself.

This meditation is a variation of an online meditation by Diana Cooper & Tim Whilde. You can find the original meditation on our "It Takes a Village" page on the footer. 

Try this Pillar of Light Meditation & see how great it feels! Then you may wish to do this guided meditation daily, as I do, to feel great and promote stellar health. This exercise works on the Chakras, or energy centers of the body. Science now tells us that these centers are critically important to our feeling good and having healthy physical bodies.

Light is at the root of our physicality. Even our food supply is created by transforming light into the energy of matter (Photosynthesis.) 

In this meditation we cut out the middle-man (food) and go straight to using light to transform our matter (bodies.)

Sit or lie down in a comfortable place.

Ask God (Source, Allah, Buddha, Mother Earth, etc.), The Archangels, or Your Higher Self (or any combination of them) to come be your guide for this exercise. 

Ask whomever and however many feels right to you within your own personal beliefs.

Ask him/her/them (1 at a time or as a group) to help you open each of your 12 chakras (12 energy centers), 1 by 1 as follows...

Your Stellar Gateway (18" above your head)

Your Upper & Lower Soul Star (12" above our head)

Your Causal Chakra (Behind & under that)

Your Crown Chakra (Top of the head)

Your 3rd Eye Chakra (Between the eyes)

Your Throat Chakra (Center of the Throat)

Your High Heart & Heart Chakra (Heart area and the area of the notch under your collar bone)

Your Solar Plexus Chakra (Area of the Gut/Stomach)

Your Naval Chakra (Naval area)

Your Sacral Chakra (Lower abdomen, below the naval)

Your root Center (Base of the spine)

Your Earth-Star Chakra (12"-18" below soles of feet)

Invoke the "Pillar of Light" to come to you. Have it hover above your Stellar Gateway Chakra.

See and welcome this light, and give it thanks for coming. The light has a base color of pure luminescent white with tinges of soothing pinks, violets, blues, magenta, yellow, green, & orange.  

Energize this light by sending it your own personal energy.

Invoke it to move down to your chakras and feel it move slowly through each one.

Feel the bliss of this, and know it is real!

As the light hits the body, begin to feel it move deep into the bone at each chakra center. Feel it move deep into the bone marrow.

Feel it then spread from the bones at each chakra center into the cells, tissues, muscles, organs, and blood stream.

Feel the bliss of this, and know it is real!

It is very important that you feel the light move through all of the bones and bone marrow in your body. 

(Bone holds the memory of our Source Energy and the Eternal-ness of "Self", and the light unlocks the memory.)

As you reach the Earth-Star Chakra, feel the pillar light up this area like the sun. Imagine your Earth Star is a huge many- acre "Garden of Vegetation" which houses the abundance of all that is possible for you in this life. Imagine it is lush and overflowing with greenery and growing things. Imagine you have a beautiful "Abundance Tree" in the center of this, and see it in full amazing bloom, glowing & luminescent with the light from the Pillar.

Next, imagine the light pouring into the crown of your head, through your body and spraying out of your Solar Plexus (Gut area) like a fountain. It is spraying out and filling up an enormous "Egg of Multi-Colored Light" which surrounds your body, & your aura and extends at least 2 feet out  in all directons. This is your bubble of protection, to keep you in the light all day.

Next, imagine that you are sending a beam of this blended light, plus you, plus the Guide(s) you have invoked, straight into the core of the earth. 

Ask your Guide(s) to anchor the beam there.

Bask for a few minutes in the wonderful after-glow of this exercise.

Thank your guide(s), and the Pillar of Light for this wonderful feeling.

Remember as you do this (or any visualization exercise)...

There is no right or wrong way to visualize. 

However you visualize and whatever you visualize is good right, and perfect... as long as it feels good. 

Do not worry to "do it right." 

Just do it, and know that it is right