Hear what successful Network Marketer Willie Spradley Jr. has to say about getting rid of his Mind-Bombs in a 4 Hour Intensive Transformational Session with Life Coach Lorelei Fenton. 

Enjoy this full & unedited version of Kathryn's Testimonial for...

1) Our Community Raise the Vibe Event

2) 4 Hour Transformational Session with Lorelei


Bob Weiss

“Thank you so much for the incredible coaching. Because of your coaching, I now have a new found power and freedom around my ability to make important choices in my life. I have the confidence to be in communication with people, instead of withholding or withdrawing from them. I can CHOOSE how I move forward in my life....I can say "YES", or I can say "NO", without feeling fear, pressure or guilt.Because of Lorelei Fenton's wisdom, I can live a life of freedom and power!”

Starlett Moore

"Wow! My boyfriend and I just had our first webinar and we learned so much! We are both amazed at how much we learned in an hour and a half about ourselves and each other. We both highly recommend Lorelei and her services! I can see that this will greatly affect as both positively going for it!"

Bob Fielder

“Dear Lorelei, Just wanted to let you know that I find your coaching very impactful and inspiring. Your communication is clear concise and easy to get. My resistance just seems to melt away, and it’s a pleasure to listen to you. You bring peace and calmness whenever I talk to you. I am having breakthroughs and insights that I thought I could never have…Keep up the brilliant work. You are a priceless asset.”

Dan Guerriero

"I have had the privilege of going through the Webinar of Mind Bombs. I can testify this webinar is not only well thought out but covers the issues necessary for one to live in the present and do so successfully. Clearly Lorelei Fenton distinguishes herself as the Coaches Coach. I firmly believe anyone who dedicates themselves to Lorelei's coaching principles in the end will receive the greatest gift of all 'themselves.'  "

Bob Helriegel

 “Lorelei has taken coaching to a whole new level. She is coaching people to unbelievable breakthroughs and having them take on life where there was no movement before!!!” 

Cailin Lawler McBee

"I just finished being a participant of a webinar Lorelei hosted--Mind Bombs, Our Hidden Landmines of False Belief. She was kind, open, educational, insightful, adaptive, and asked questions that helped to uncover thoughts that stand in our way of greatness. Lorelei has a way of making you feel heard and her style allows for personal growth. I would highly recommend working with her. "

Zach Moore

“Thank you for helping me to face that which I have been walking away from and hiding within myself…I have learned that I can express myself and that I am a person of value and that the life I want is at my fingertips.”